We Almost Lost The GOAT This Offseason

Chris Davis has spent the last two seasons stuffing the record books with hitless outings and 3-pitch strikeouts. At the beginning of the 2019 season, Davis set a new record of most consecutive at-bats without a hit with 54 straight failures in 62 plate appearances.

Crush was one of the most dangerous sluggers in the game. In 2013 he led Major League Baseball with 53 homers and 138 RBIs. In 2015 he once again led the Majors with 47 homers and those balls still haven’t landed back on Earth.

Absolute monster.

It made all the sense in the world for Baltimore to sign this Leviathan to a 7-year $161 million deal. Anddd it’s been all downhill from there dropping from 125 hits in 2016 to 98 in 2017 to 79 and then only 55 in 2019.

Last season he had the fewest strikeouts he’s had since 2011 but that’s not because 2019 was some bounce-back year. He straight up wasn’t allowed to play anymore and became one of the most expensive bench players in baseball.

He signed a massive deal in 2016 and proceeded to strike out 219 times which became the third-highest single-season total in MLB history. Like I said, Crush Davis sets records. You can’t tell the story of baseball without mentioning Davis’s ability to make any and all opposing hitters look like Nolan Ryan.

Well, we almost lost this legend this offseason as he recently admitted to almost retiring.

“I’d be lying if I told you that wasn’t at least talked about toward the end of the season last year and this offseason,” he said. “I know what I’m capable of. I know what I expect of myself and I don’t want to continue to just struggle and be a below-average, well below-average producer at the plate. And I don’t think that’s fair to these guys. And I don’t think, honestly, it’s fair to our fans, or to anybody that’s associated with Baltimore.”

Wow, you have to feel bad for the guy. He’s letting down the fans and the city of Baltimore. It must really be a struggle for this man to come back in 2020 to make $17 million and continue to make $17 million annually through 2022.

Such a complicated decision this selfless hero made.

Since signing that deal, Chris Davis has hit .198 and struck out 36% of his at-bats while averaging around 23 homers a year. On opening day he’ll be 34-years old and even worse than he’s been in the years prior. His massive contract is the reason why Baltimore couldn’t even pretend to act like they could afford Manny Machado.

But as long as those direct deposits keep coming in, it’s safe to say we will continue to watch Chris Davis at-bats for the next few years and I cannot wait to see what new strikeout records he can set.












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