Watching Russell Westbrook Play Basketball is a Punishment

Sunday night, we watched the biggest stars and the best basketball players enter the forum and do battle in the 2019 NBA All Star game. Russell Westbrook got to play in that game too, for some reason.

Westbrook had a +/- of -19 and pretty much singlehandedly ended Team Giannis’s big lead over Team LeBron by doing his signature bricklaying. He chucked up 8 threes. He made 1. At least that’s what the boxscore says. I do not recall that one made 3 but okay.

In 19 minutes he managed to get 20 shots up. Only Giannis and Steph Curry had more field goal attempts as they both took 23 shots in about 10 more minutes played. The second Westbrook entered the game, he decided that he was going to run his trademark ‘destroy the backboard’ play in which he shoots a wide open 3 and misses the rim by miles.

On the season, Westbrook is shooting 24% from behind the arc and 65% from the free throw line. Markelle Fultz is a better shooter than Westbrook and Fultz doesn’t know how to hold a basketball.

Now, I know why certain people enjoy watching Westbrook play. Westbrook stans are the same people who love watching Kobe chuck a turn around mid-range jumper even though he’s being triple teamed. Sure, it hit the side of the rim but that Mamba Mentality, babyyy.

I get that he plays hard. You don’t average a triple-double every season accidentally. And I’m not one of those people who are against ‘stat-padding’.

Yes, his teammates are fully aware that if Westbrook passes them the ball then their asses better immediately shoot it so he can get the assist. It;s hilarious watching Steven Adams sometimes just launh a no-look hook shot over his head because he’s played with Westbrook long enough to know that when Westbrook actually passes to him, he wants another assist.

That’s all fine. If every player could just grab 10 rebounds a game, they would. I definitely don’t want to diminish that (even though triple-doubles don’t matter at all) but there’s a line between playing hard and playing wreckless.

If you know that every shot you take is a brick, maybe stop chucking up bricks because now the other team has a defensive rebound and a fast break on the other end of the floor because your team’s defense is out of position.

His teamate, Paul George, might actually walk away with the MVP trophy and Russell Westbrook is going to singlehandedly ruin the Thunder’s season by not passing to George in the playoffs and airballing 3’s.

It’s like watching Jordan Clarkson get the greenlight in Cleveland. Watching a player decide to ‘take over a game’ who is incapable of making open shots is unbearable. Imagine if James Harden, with his huge usage rate and field goal attempts in Houston, missed every single one of his step back 3-pointers. You’d call Adam Silver personally and demand that the Houston Rockets never get another nationally televised game again.

I’ve lived through the Carmelo Anthony era in New York. Watching him hold the ball and stare at his defender’s feet as he eats up the entire shot clock only to hurl a contested jump shot one foot inside of the 3-point arch that hits the front of the rim. I know when watching a superstar play basketball becomes a punishment.

Watching Russell Westbrook play basketball is a punishment.

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