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Watch The Trailer For The New Series ‘The Romanoffs’ To See The Greatest Cast in Television History

The creator of Mad Men, Matthew Weiner, called in all of his Hollywood favors gathering the most ridiculous cast in television history full of stars who have no business being in some random ass Amazon series but here we are watching Katheryn Hahn and Diane Lane in the same hour-long episode of television.

You can’t help but notice Weiner calling in the usual suspects as John Slattery and Christina Hendricks are back and they better have an illegitimate Romanoff baby together like in the glory days.

We haven’t seen a cast this star-studded since the Mary Tyler Moore Show brought in Betty White in season 3 to star alongside Mary Tyler Moore, Ed Asner, Ted Knight and the great Cloris Leachman except in this show, instead of Ed Asner and Ted Knight, they cast Aaron Eckhart and that guy from Office Space. Same thing.

I’m not 1000% sure what this show actually is yet but they had me at Isabelle Huppert who is one of the greatest actors live. Homegirl has 154 major award nominations. 154. Put her jersey up in the rafters and retire her number. She’s the GOAT.

The only thing this Matthew Weiner show needs is a scene where Don Draper takes the tiniest sip of whiskey while he stares off into the distance remembering all of the lives he’s destroyed in his quest for more and more and more. Something tells me Paul Reiser won’t bring that same gravity.

I will be binge-watching The Romanoffs when it drops on Amazon so you might as well just join me because I will be writing about it nonstop regardless.





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