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Watch The Trailer For Spider-Man: Far From Home To Finally See Jake Gyllenhaal in a Super Hero Movie and Pretend like Spider-Man Didn’t Die in Avengers

The Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer has finally hit the streets considering this movie comes out this summer and we haven’t heard any information about this film until today.

Peter Parker is heading to Europe with his pals in a fun little Euro Trip teen drama. This is pretty much a Ryan Reynolds-esque Van Wilder movie. The young adults are going to go to Amsterdam to try absynthe and smoke hash and see tits. Oh, and Peter can shoot webs and stick to walls. Can’t wait.

xcept Jake Gyllenhaal is out here destroying cities and shit as Mysterio, a classic Spider-Man villain that hasn’t been on the big screen yet. As long as he doesn’t turn into Green Goblin for no reason at the end, then he’s already one of the best Spider-Man movie villains ever.

Also shout out to Marvel’s insistence on being like ‘hey, isn’t Marisa Tomei hot?’ We get it. She’s not the old Aunt May from the comics. Put your tits away. Uncle Ben’s funeral is tomorrow.

And let us pretend like we didn’t tear up watching Peter Parker disappear in Tony Stark’s arms. Spider-Man 2 babyyyy. Fuck Infinity War. None of that mattered. There were absolutely no consequences to anything that happened in that movie. Can’t wait for Black Panther 2 and that Vision and Scarlet Witch TV show that was announced even though as the MCU currently stands, they’re all dead.

Shout out Marvel for killing everyone while simultaneously announcing their sequels. Truly have to respect this flex. I might go see Spider-Man: Far From Home exclusively out of respect for Marvel’s hubris. Can’t. Knock. The Hustle.



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