Watch the Trailer For Maria Bamford’s New Netflix Series ‘Lady Dynamite’

I want to start by saying that Maria Bamford is one of the reasons why I tell jokes. She was one of the first stand up comedians I ever saw perform and she instantly changed my perception of what the scope of comedy was.

You grow up watching Jerry Seinfeld telling lame observations in his Sketchers and you start to think comedy is a one-dimensional world but people like Maria Bamford really kicked down that door of what’s conventional so I’m as excited as anyone to see a sitcom based off of her life.

This seems like a show I’m going to swallow up over the course of one weekend. How about every other actor in this trailer? Not one person I don’t respect in this show. It’s going to be weird. It’s going to be uncomfortable. But most of all it’s going to be hilarious.


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