Watch The New Venom Trailer To Get Hyped For a Movie That Will Definitely Disappoint You

First, totally forgot this movie was even being made almost because it probably shouldn’t be. Fox has been trying to make a Venom movie for over a decade and once they choose to finally make it AFTER they give the Spider-Man rights back to Marvel so now we’ve got Venom running around the city fighting anonymous bald henchman like Bradley Cooper in Limitless.

I either don’t know what Tom Hardy’s voice actually sounds like or he’s doing a weird New York thing but he sounds like an original New York settler. And by that, I mean a Dutch settler from the 1600’s. Making Eddie Brock sound like he was raised by 1920’s gangsters doesn’t make him more New York but I digress.

My biggest problem is that it’s very lazy to show text that labels Eddie Brock as the ‘anti-hero’ instead of making a quality story in which we are compelled to root for a troubled man who borders between good and bad especially considering this trailer does nothing ‘anti’ hero.

It’s all hero.

He’s a reporter dating Michelle Williams and then the Symbiote attaches itself and then bad people attack him so he defends himself. This is just a¬†superhero movie which is inherently less interesting.

Now, this movie could be great if they avoid the Spider-Man 3 mistake of saving Venom for the final 15 minutes. Let Tom Hardy turn into Venom like, 5 minutes in. I’m going to the theatres to see Venom murder people. I’m not going to see Riz Ahmed do a science.

Hopefully this movie is good because I will be there opening night regardless.



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