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Watch The First Venom Trailer And Ask Yourself ‘Where The Fuck Is Venom?”

So that was cool or whatever but like, where is Venom? There is something about a Venom trailer where one would assume to see ya know, Venom. Nope. 1 minute and 50 seconds of Tom Hardy existing which is fine for any other movie.

Don’t be shocked if this is some weird arthouse movie where we never actually see Venom. Sony is probably holding off until the sequel where they can get the rights back to Spider-Man because as it currently stands, they made a movie about the number one Spider-Man villain moments after giving the rights back to Marvel. Some would say that making this movie at this time is dumb but here we are.

This also might be what Fox does in their X-Men movies where they pay a bajillion dollars direct deposit to Jennifer¬†Lawrence to sell more tickets and in exchange, they never put her in Mystique makeup ever. Tom Hardy might not even be in a classic Venom costume. He’s going to just have like, a bad attitude or something.

Regardless, I will be seeing this movie on opening night because I’m a sucker. I’ll see you all there.




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