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Watch the First Trailer For True Detective Season 3, a Show That Appears To Just Be About Mahershala Ali’s Hairstyles

True Detective is BACK. Just when you got that gross taste of season 2 out of your mouth, True Detective Season 3 is coming in hot this January with a brand new crime drama that will still desperately try to cling to the glory that was season 1.

Compared to season 2, it is definitely a good sign that this trailer was all about Mahershala Ali. Season 2 seemed to be a bunch of okay actors who saw Matthew McConaughey rejuvenate his career and win an Emmy so they ran to True Detective to get theirs. Unfortunately for Vince Vaughn and Rachel McAdams, it was weird and didn’t make sense and everyone was overacting. Season 2 was like an SNL parody of Season 1.

This time it looks like it’s returning to its roots of a compelling storyline that spans generations. Mahershala Ali is one of the best actors in the game right now. The only concern is that they seem to really be relying on these wigs. No black man has THAT many different haircuts, damn. Really? This cop is walking around the swamps with a hightop fade?

Regardless, I’m excited to love or hate this show about a detective growing his hair at alarming rates. Wait, is that the mystery? His hair is growing in suspicious fashion. When I saw season 1, I thought McConaughey was the Yellow King. They are finally following my predictions and making the main character the criminal. It was his hair, your honor.





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