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Watch The Final Aquaman Trailer And Please Convince Me Why I Should Give a Shit About This Movie


I actually have a few positive things to say about this trailer that might actually get me to a movie theatre to see Aquaman which isn’t a serious thought I imagined I’d ever have in my lifetime. But first, let me point out the elephant in the room.

This is a DC movie.

Expectations for this movie should be astronomically low. I know James Wan is directing and he has an entirely different style but I’m sure Zack Snyder runs in last minute before the film is finished, puts every fight scene in slow motion and throws a gray smokey filter on all of the fun colorful moments.

This trailer seems more Wonder Woman than it does Justice League which is why it has my attention. I’m going to hate all of the scenes where Aquaman is a kid but those scenes will be canceled out by me staring at Nicole Kidman and Amber Heard without blinking.

There are sharks with lasers attached to their heads. I’m in. I was going to pretend to be excited about Willem Dafoe being a Mermaid but I don’t have time for that. I’m too busy focused on the SHARKS WITH LASERS ATTACHED TO THEIR HEADS.

I’ll be there opening day. I’ve convinced myself. If this turns into another Suicide Squad fiasco then I’m burning DC studios to the ground and riding off on a shark with a laser attached to its head.



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