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Watch Saquon Barkley Hand Out Cash To Random Fans in NYC As He Plants His Flag As The New King of New York


I don’t care if the New York Giants punted on another season and decided to lose out again because they drafted a running back No. 2 overall instead of Eli Manning’s replacement but that wasn’t just any running back.

That was Saquon fucking Barkley. The new king of New York. My man is out here throwing cash to random fans. I don’t see Josh Rosen doing that here. I actually wish I named any of the other quarterbacks.

Now I just accidentally made a Louis CK style ‘aren’t Jewish people cheap’ joke and I swear I just meant that Barkley is a better human being than any of the quarterbacks the Giants passed on. Why didn’t I just backspace any of that?

ANYWAY, let us all celebrate and enjoy that Saquon Barkley, who finished his rookie campaign second in the NFL in rushing yards and led the league in yards from scrimmage, is out here feeding the streets.

You guys can have Sam Darnold throwing more interceptions than he throws touchdowns or Josh Rosen, actually, I’m never talking about Josh Rosen again.

I’ll take Saquon Barkley: King of New York.




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