Watch Carly Fiorina Fall Off Stage After Introducing Ted Cruz and No One Give a Shit

Is there anything more indicative of this awful campaign than Carly Fiorina just plummeting from the stage? Of course she did. There is no reason why this woman should ever be holding a microphone but here were are.

Love the Cruz family and literally everyone at this weird event just straight up ignore that bitch. Ted Cruz didn’t bat an eye. No one ever gives a shit about the opening act. Get to the headliner and get out of the way.

That’s one more point for Cruz. A little while ago I said that if the rumors about him cheating on his wife were true then I’m becoming a supporter. Well now, if this ruthless man just watched his running mate fall to her death and continued shaking hands and kissing babies then that’s my president.

Nothing gets in his way. Not the sanctity of marriage and certainly not some broad who used to sell printers.

Also, there’s a kid wearing a ‘keep calm and Cruz on’ t-shirt and I want to beat him up and take his lunch money so badly. I’ve never wanted anything more.

Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee if you’re pretty sure Carly Fiorina went through a secret trap door where she returned to the dungeon that Ted Cruz is keeping her in.


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