Watch Amy Schumer Blatantly Steal Jokes From The Late Patrice O’Neal


Sooo, that’s not a good look. Never want to be the girl stealing jokes from the beloved deceased comedian during your big HBO comedy special. That sort of thing tends to bring rain all over your parade and future parades to come. I mean, they are literally joke-to-joke like, identical.

I don’t actually think she stole this because the ‘Houdini’ isn’t a brand new concept that either one of them created. They are lame ass jokes from the stone age. Just super unfortunate of the timing. Both Patrice O’neal and Amy Schumer used these towards the end of their sets and even used the same punchlines, although I will say Patrice’s was funnier. Just gotta shake it off and credit this to the comedy coincidence gods and move on. So weird though.




Written by Deadseriousness

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