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Was Andrew Thomas The Right Draft Pick For The New York Giants?

With the No. 4 pick in the 2020 NFL Draft the New York Giants selected Andrew Thomas —an offensive tackle from Georgia. It’s tough to walk away from a draft with any level of excitement when your team takes a lineman in the first round. Especially this season with this wide receiver class potentially being an all-timer.

That being said, as far as filling team needs this pick hits the nail on the head. In regards to pass protection, the New York Giants ranked 25th last season. If this organization is going to build around Daniel Jones then they’re going to need to keep him upright in the pocket. Jones has proven to have awful decision-making skills when under pressure and will just chuck the ball directly into the chest of defenders in order to avoid sacks.

Keep the pressure off him.

It’s also tough to know how great Saquon Barkley can still be if he actually had an offensive line opening holes for him or even just keeping defensive linemen out of the backfield before Barkley even gets the ball handed to him.

All that is true but I can’t help but thinking that this is another example of Giants bitch ass GM, Dave Gettleman, reaching too high for a player that would’ve been available later in the round.

See the benefit of trading down in the draft is that you can acquire more assets while still drafting the player that you need. Perfect example is the 2018 draft where the Giants used the No. 2 pick on Saquon Barkley.

Yes, Barkley had legendary highlights at Penn State and had a crazy combine but uh, he had less rushing yards than Lamar Jackson. In the modern NFL, you are wasting your money on a running back and by drafting him No. 2, the Giants made their rookie running back the 5th highest paid at his position by default.

It was a draft littered with QBs and teams who for sure called Gettleman and wanted to move up and if he traded down, Saquon would’ve been available later in the first round and the Giants could’ve added more draft picks to their haul. It would’ve lowered Saquon’s salary and gave them more affordable and cheap young studs to build around.

History repeated itself last season when the Giants reached for Daniel Jones and again like Barkley, they’re both great players but they would’ve been around later in the draft. It was basically a fact that all 31 teams had Drew Lock higher on their draft board than Daniel Jones and Drew Lock went in the 2nd round.

Point is, when you reach for a player that would be available later, then you are passing up on the ability to acquire cheaper younger players to build around.

Andrew Thomas would’ve been available later and all I can hope is that no team wanted to jump off for an injury-prone Tua Tagovailoa without an ability to bring him in for a physical. Sure, I can convince myself of that. I’m trying to be less cynical in 2020. It’s not working.

But let’s talk about Andrew Thomas specifically and what he actually brings to the Giants. Out of all the first round tackles, Thomas is the safest pick. There are no real holes or flaws. He might be a little slow but I know for a fact he’s better than current left tackle, Nate Solder. I’m better than current left tackle, Nate Solder.

Best case scenario: Andrew Thomas is defending Daniel Jones’s blindside for the next 10+ years

Worst case scenario: He’s the next Ereck Flowers which means Dave Gettleman gets fired and the Giants could finally move on from that insufferable asshole which might also be a second best case scenario.




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