Warner Bros is Already Planning on Rebooting The DC Universe

Warner Bros. is reportedly waiting to see how Justice League performs before determining the future of the DC slate, a decision that has put Flashpoint and several other projects in limbo. WB is in the final push to get Justice League out in theaters, and hopefully launching their DC movie universe to the next level. The now storied production has not been without controversy recently, thanks to a shorter than expected runtime, but, this movie will serve as a true expansion to this world, and how well Justice League does is important for the franchise’s future.

Variety reporter Justin Kroll was on Meet the Movie Press this week and the discussion eventually turned to Justice League. In this discussion (around the 28 minute mark), Kroll stepped in to give “an insider tidbit” about Warner Bros.’ state of mind regarding the future of this universe. Kroll reveals that he’s heard the studio is taking a step back and waiting to see how well Justice League performs financially (and critically) before moving forward with multiple films a year. He says he’s been tracking directors for Flashpoint and other DC films, but has heard they’re slowing those searches down.

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Yup, Justice League is going to be trash. I don’t understand why people on the internet have so much faith in this movie when the studio is already prepared to pull the plug on the entire combined DC universe.

Flashpoint is the comic book story in which the Flash goes back in time to save his mother and when he returns to the present day, the entire world has changed which seems like a super convenient way to recast everyone and pretend like Batman V. Superman never happened.

The wildest thing about this potential Flashpoint movie is that we haven’t even really seen The Flash yet. We haven’t seen Cyborg yet. There’s an Aquaman coming or something. Why couldn’t they just follow the very simple formula that Marvel set up? Make fun colorful solo movies so that we care about the characters before they join forces and fight generic gray monsters.




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