Wanton Fucking Endangerment

Breonna Taylor was murdered by the police on March 13th. They entered her Louisville apartment after midnight on a no-knock warrant wearing plainclothes instead of SWAT gear so Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walkerwho is a registered legal gun ownerbelieved there was a home invasion taking place so he took he fired shots and the shootout resulted in Breonna Taylor being shot 8 times in her sleep.

Not only did the police incorrectly and illegally entered Taylor’s apartment on an alleged ‘drug raid’ but these dumb ants didn’t even find any drugs there. The police weren’t even investigating Taylor or Walker. They were investigating JaMarcus Glover, WHO WAS ALREADY IN CUSTODY.

The Louisville police then proceeded to claim that they consulted with a postal inspector to determine that Glover was picking up suspicious packages at Taylor’s apartment which lead them to raid her home. That very same postal inspector came out and said they were never contacted by the police and never told them that there was anything suspicious about Glover picking up packages. It was later reported the packages contained clothes.

This week, 7 months later, a grand jury indicted one of the three officers with wanton endangerment. An innocent woman was murdered and one cop was charged with wildly firing shots they may have potentially injured Breonna Taylor’s neighbors.

So to recap, the police illegally broke into Breonna Taylor’s home starting a chain of actions that led to her spraying her sleeping body full of bullets and then lied about why they were even at her apartment to begin with and 7 months later only one of the cops involved were charged with using his gun recklessly.

Wanton Endangerment.

Burn this country to the ground.

To make this decision even more of a slap in the face, the city of Louisville awarded Breonna’s family with a $12 million settlement. And before you think to yourself ‘okay, that’s better than nothing’, the police themselves will be paying zero of it meaning it’s coming out of tax payer money. The police murdered an innocent black woman and then handed the citizens a bill for it.

Is this the point where you dismissively tell me to vote?

After months and months of hashtags and ‘say her name’ campaigns, the end result is one cop getting a little slap on the wrist for committing a homicide. This is not an isolated incident. The police commit atrocities on a daily basis and the community they are expected to protect are penalized for the actions of their protectors.

The NBA went on strike for 24 hours and then came back with a new campaign that focuses on voter registration and increasing the number of available polling places in black communities which is vital work but who in the fuck are we supposed to be voting for?

There are nightly protests across this country where the police are beating the shit out of the people out there protesting their brutality and neither presidential candidate seems very interested in fixing the actual problems that caused this.

Joe Biden could spike in the polls if he simply said that we needed sweeping police reform. Nope, instead he says that cops should aim at criminals’ arms and legs instead of their torsos when they are filling their bodies with bullets.

The Republicans are the party of law and order. They dream about shooting protestors. They treat that kid Kyle Rittenhouse that murdered Kenosha protestors as a hero. They want police budgets to increase and they’re using these protests as a reason to give these college dropouts more armor and tanks and shit.

So when we are urged to vote, it is implied that they mean vote for the democratic party. So I reckon we are supposed to ignore that Louisville’s mayor and city council are all Democrats and they applied zero pressure on Attorney General and star of Get Out, Daniel Cameron, to actually take this case seriously.

The system is not broken. It is working exactly the way it was intended to work. So voting and participating within the system will not fix the system because it can’t be fixed. It’s working according to plan. You are simply rearranging which apathetic asshole gets to ‘thoughts and prayers’ you after someone who looks like you gets ragdolled by the police.

Wanton Endangerment. Fuck off.

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Written by TheLesterLee

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