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Wait, You All Know Andrew Cuomo is Doing a Terrible Job, Right?

In a poll recorded earlier this week, New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, had an 81% approval rating for his handling of the COVID-19 crisis. 35% of New Yorkers approved of Donald Trump’s handling of this nightmare.


Sort of feels like both men should be around 0% considering Coronavirus cases continue to inflate while there is no noticeable improvement in both the testing or treatment of the disease where every other country in the world has seen their virus totals plummet.

Donald Trump is being criticized for ignoring all of the warnings and advice given to him by the CDC and he should be beheaded for continuing to ignore their guidance because his tiny little wee wee can’t fathom being wrong.

But Andrew Cuomo did the same exact thing.

On March 1st, the first case of coronavirus was reported in New York as a woman who came home from Iran tested positive for COVID. Cuomo came out and said that it wasn’t a big deal and New Yorkers would have nothing to worry about and that they’d find the people she was exposed to and put an end to it.

Here’s a super fun direct quote from Cuomo on March 2nd:

“Excuse our arrogance as New Yorkers — I speak for the mayor also on this one — we think we have the best health care system on the planet right here in New York. So, when you’re saying, what happened in other countries versus what happened here, we don’t even think it’s going to be as bad as it was in other countries.”

335,000 people have tested positive for Coronavirus and that’s excluding the millions who still don’t even have access to a test. Over 20,000 deaths later and for some reason he has an 81% approval rating after sitting on his ass and allowing EVERYONE to get sick.

I also keep seeing the excuse that New York is so overcrowded and the way the city is designed makes the spread of disease inevitable. Ok.

India is the most densely populated country on the planet. They live in far closer proximity to one another than New Yorkers do. Everyone in India is everyone’s neighbor. There are only 66,000 positive cases and only 2,000 deaths.

Why do we act like Andrew Cuomo is some sort of hero?

Because of his angry and juvenile press conferences with power points created by undergrad students finishing their presentation an hour before class starts because they spent all night rushing for a fraternity?

Cuomo does not lack self-awareness.

He is fully aware that all eyes are on him and by positioning himself against Donald Trump is some imaginary war for ventilators, he can catapult himself into the top of the democratic party and he’s done just that.

We’re one Joe Biden slurred N-word during a live stream that his team woke him up from a nap to record before the media not-so-subtly starts to suggest that Andrew Cuomo should be the Democratic presidential candidate.

Congrats to Cuomo for aggressively pounding his chest and doing the same exact shit that Donald Trump is doing but somehow getting praised for it. He did absolutely nothing to stop the spread. He was far too late on establishing social distancing rules. And I think he has a nipple piercing.

andrew cuomo

Awesome. Nothing but respect for my scamming future president.

This motherfucker had a policy that ordered nursing homes to take in Coronavirus patients. Knowing what you know about the types of people who are most affected by the virus, this was quite literally the WORST thing he could’ve done. Old people are the most vulnerable to the illness and he turned nursing homes into COVID death camps.

Over 3,000 nursing home residents have died from Coronavirus and that number is from mid-April. If Cuomo got his way, I’m sure that number has skyrocketed since then.

81% approval rating.

His lack of action and then doubling down by trapping elderly people in the catacombs is being ignored because he and his brother, Chris Cuomo, are having a blast hanging out on CNN dunking on Trump while everyone in New York is ignoring social distancing rules now that the weather is improving.

It doesn’t matter what political party you ride with, we need to hold these leaders accountable for believing they are smarter or manlier than the scientists and doctors advising them.

OH, and I almost forget to mention that he used this pandemic as an opportunity to re-adjust New York’s budget but making CUTS to Medicaid. Yes, in the midst of a public health crisis, the governor of the state with the most cases of Coronavirus, has stripped the state of resources that go to health care.

Just a garbage human.

Get Andrew Cuomo and his wack ass brother OUUUUUT of here.

And take Bill De Blasio with you.



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