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Wait, Why Would Kyrie Irving Want To Play For The Brooklyn Nets?

So seemingly out of nowhere, it is being reported that Kyrie Irving is most likely going to sign with the Brooklyn Nets. Are we to believe that after everything Kyrie went through these past two seasons, now he wants to be the face of the Nets?

First, it should be taken with a grain of salt considering the source of this information is Stephen A. Smith and Colin Cowherd, two men whose entire careers consist of making wild predictions and ignoring all of the times they were wrong while celebrating the few times they blindly threw a dart and hit a bullseye.

But why would Kyrie Irving actually want to play for the Brooklyn Nets?

Sure, Kyrie grew up in New Jersey or whatever but did he dream about playing for the New Jersey Nets? Was he like ‘man, I can’t wait til they retire my jersey at Continental Airlines Arena right next to Kerry Kittles and Lucious Harris’.

Even if that were the case, that was a bajillion years ago anddd the Nets play in Brooklyn now. It’s almost a completely different franchise so the idea that this was his childhood goal is uh, dumb.

We also just saw Kyrie demand to leave Cleveland so that he could be the face of the franchise and lead a group of young guys and then he instantly realized how difficult it was to be the face of a franchise and how much he actually hated leading a group of young guys.

You can’t make the argument that Kyrie wants to play for the Brooklyn Nets so that he can team up with a friend because Brooklyn, as of right now, doesn’t have the cap space to sign a second star.

If he goes to Brooklyn, unless they pull the trigger on a trade, Kyrie will be arriving solo with like, Ed Davis and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. Ah, goals. Everyone know Kyrie and Jarrett Allen text 24/7.

Plus, he was playing with friends in Boston. Gordon Hayward is one of his better friends who almost joined Kyrie in Cleveland if LeBron didn’t come back and he and Jayson Tatum are Duke boys.

It’s also worth pointing out that if Brooklyn signs Kyrie Irving then D’Angelo Russell is most likely out of there considering that D-Lo is a restricted free agent which means teams are going to throw Russell the max and the Nets are going to be too focused on courting Kyrie that they’re not going to match Russell’s offer sheet, nor should they if Kyrie comes.

That means that Brooklyn will be the same exact team next year as they were last year. We just witnessed Kyrie with a bunch of young guys. Jaylen Brown, Terry Rozier and Jayson Tatum excelled when Kyrie was injured. With Kyrie, those guys vanished.

Sooo if you love Caris LeVert and Rodions Kurucs then you’re going to love when they stand in the corner watching Kyrie iso and take contested turn around mid-range jumpers for no reason.

The Boston Celtics won 49 games. the Brooklyn Nets won 42. If they swap point guards, nothing changes.

So Kyrie wouldn’t be winning a title. He wouldn’t be playing with friends. He wouldn’t be making any more money than he would if he signed anywhere else.

At the end of the day, this all comes down to Kyrie wanting to be a weirdo Brooklyn hipster. Catch Kyrie and Joe Harris sipping microbrews at a Meyhem Lauren pop up show this summer.

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