Wait Until Melvin Gordon Finds Out No One Gives a Shit About Melvin Gordon

Running back Melvin Gordon has informed the Los Angeles Chargers that unless he receives a new contract, he will not report to training camp and he will demand a trade, his agent Fletcher Smith told ESPN.

Smith said he and Gordon did not want to go this route, but because of the lack of progress in negotiations and the offers the Chargers made this offseason, they felt it necessary to voice their displeasure in an effort to reach a more satisfying outcome, whether with a new contract or a trade. (ESPN)

Melvin Gordon is currently the 11th highest paid running back which is low. You could make the argument he’s a top 5 back in this league and he certainly shouldn’t be making less than Leonard Fournette.

Gordon is 26-years old and set to make $5.6 million in the last year of his contract. This is the time when star players are expected to demand new contracts.

Here’s the big problem with Gordon’s contract request: he’s a running back which means the Chargers won’t even be answering his calls.

The Pittsburgh let Le’Veon Bell, one of the best running backs in NFL history, just sit out a season instead of giving him a big long term contract. Bell had to NOT PLAY FOOTBALL for a year and he’s still only the 4th highest paid back.

Not sure what leverage Melvin Gordon believes he has here. He’s coming off a 2018 season where he only rushed for 885 yards and played in a career-low 12 games.

I’m all for everyone being rich. Secure the bag at all costs.

That being said, I’m even more for everyone having self-awareness.

If you’re an NFL running back then you have to understand that you are the most replacement human in sports. The Denver Broncos just sent an undrafted rookie to the Pro Bowl last season. If Gordon holds out, they can easily pull someone off the street to replace his 800 rushing yards.

Who’s going to give Melvin Gordon the bad news that no one gives a shit about Melvin Gordon?

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