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Wait a Second, This Detective Pikachu Movie Might Actually Be……..Good

When this movie was first announced, it seemed like an extremely wack idea that would be in production for years only for it to never be released because I don’t think anyone on planet Earth was out here demanding a detective Pikachu full-length feature film.

Then it was announced that Ryan Reynolds would be the voice of Detective Pikachu and I just assumed it was all apart of his Deadpool marketing. Literally everything Ryan Reynolds says and does is Deadpool promotion. He has an entire faux internet relationship with Hugh Jackman based entirely on their X-Men movie roles.

But after watching this trailer, it would appear as though this is an actual movie that could be like, good. I think the biggest fear of a live-action Pokemon movie is the appearance of the Pokemon and the world in which they are casually living among humans.

But visually, this movie looks dope. There’s a Charizard in there looking cool as shit. Mr. Mime is out here doing his thing. Psyduck is being featured too for whatever reason. I’m here for this Pokemon universe they created.

I’m not invested in whatever Detective Pikachu is investigating but I’m here for a live-action Pokemon movie that 10-year old me always wanted.


Sidenote: Detective Pikachu should’ve been voiced by Danny DeVito.


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