Vontae Davis Won The 2018 NFL Season

Vontae Davis went into the locker room at halftime and then proceeded to keep walking directly through the back door straight to the parking lot after randomly telling a teammate that he’s retired.

Look, we all have jokes about how awful the Buffalo Bills are but it’s far worse than any of us imagined. Vontae Davis was so fed up with watching Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen feed other cornerbacks interceptions while he was constantly stuck on the field exhausted getting burned every play that he decided to just quit the game of football entirely.

Davis was set to earn $5 million on the year and the contract became guaranteed after Week 1. Davis was inactive Week 1. So pretty much, Davis played one half of football, got worked by the Chargers and was like ‘lol, nah I’m good’.

Todd Gurley and Patrick Mahomes are putting up crazy stats so far this season but I’d be shocked if Vontae Davis doesn’t win MVP for this move. Takes real bravery to look around on the sidelines heading into the half and recognize that you hate football and you’d rather just drive to the airport and find the first plane out than waste another night in town.

M-V-P M-V-P.

Josh Allen is about to look like Peyton Manning in practice this week without Vontae Davis snatching away every pass he throws. Everyone wins. Especially Vontae.




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