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Vladimir Putin Wants To End Rap Music in Russia and We Should All Support Him

Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin, facing poverty, protests and allegations of attacking U.S. elections, declared war on hip-hop on Saturday, railing that “rap is based on three pillars: sex, drugs and protest,” which will lead to “ the degradation of the nation.”

Putin’s comments follow a spate of concert cancellations by venue owners and local authorities across Russia, and the arrest of popular rapper Husky, whose songs have gotten under his skin.

If it is impossible to stop, then we must lead it and direct it,” Putin said.


Vladimir Putin has taken time away from his busy schedule of dropping bombs on Crimea and empowering bots to create fake headlines about Hillary Clinton eating baby lungs for breakfast to take down the Russian rap industry.

Have you ever heard Russian rappers? Thank you to Putin for finally doing something about that epidemic. 

I am admittedly biased against any music made outside of the state of New York but I will be a gentleman and allow rap made within the continental United States to exist.

But nah, get these Ukrainian rappers out here. Go back to making House music in warehouses and get these Slick Rick the Slovak bars out of here. Putin, do your worst. Release the hounds.




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