Vladimir Putin Arrested in Florida

Police in West Palm Beach said a 48-year-old man who shares the name of the Russian president was arrested at a Publix supermarket in the city’s downtown on 21 August.

Police said Putin was screaming at employees and refused to leave the store.

Records with the Palm Beach County sheriff’s office show he was charged with trespassing and resisting an officer without violence.


Classic Vladimir Putin here. Always getting rowdy at local markets, treating employees less than and resisting arrest. Textbook Putin.

As someone who also has an uncommon name, I totally get it. There’s a chip on your shoulder day in and day out. When you ask what aisle the teriyaki sauce is in and you find out you were directed to the wrong aisle, it’s tough not to fly off the handle.

I’m sure there are people out there whose name is Adolph Hitler. You think they’re on their best behavior 24/7? Absolutely not. Tempur tantrums over the tiniest inconveniences. Joey Stalin out in Minneapolis doesn’t quite have complete control over his road rage.

You can’t blame Vladimir Putin here. Comes with the namesake.

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