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Video: San Diego Chargers Security Guard Caught Fapping in Front of Cheerleaders

Look, before we throw stones at this man, let’s look inwards first. We’ve all done some funky stuff when we knew we were for sure about to lose our jobs. Do you have any idea how many 3-4 hour lunch breaks I took when I was working for a failing startup company? Plenty.

The San Diego Chargers are moving to Los Angeles. That’s just a fact at this point. Written in stone. Nothing anyone can do about it. I’m pretty sure this San Diego Chargers security guard is completely aware of that and is making the most of his last opportunity to fap to the cheerleaders. Can’t knock the hustle.

Having said all of that, maybe, I don’t know, get yourself some privacy next time you fap. Like, maybe don’t stand in arms length of these poor women. I mean, part of me thinks the cheerleaders should be happy that finally someone is paying attention to them.

A bigger part of me thinks this guy should be in prison for the rest of forever because any guy who just faps 5 feet away from you will have no qualms kidnapping you later that day.

Bold move. I respect it. Nowww arrest him asagdfp.



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