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Urban Meyer Being Suspended 3 Games For Letting His Assistant Beat Up His Wife Proves Ohio State Doesn’t Give a Shit About Women

What Happened?

Ohio State University suspended head football coach Urban Meyer for three games Wednesday after placing him on administrative leave.

His suspension comes after Stadium’s Brett McMurphy reported Meyer was aware of domestic abuse allegations against Zach Smith in 2015. Smith was an assistant on Meyer’s staff prior to his dismissal on July 23.

Ohio State fired Smith after a judge granted his ex-wife an order of protection against him.

Meyer told reporters he had knowledge of an incident between Smith and his wife Courtney in 2009. Courtney Smith filed a domestic violence complaint before later dropping the issue. At the time, Zach Smith was an intern for Meyer at Florida.

(Bleacher Report)

So basically, from 2009 to literally a couple of weeks ago, Urban Meyer’s wide receiver coach Zach Smith was beating his ex-wife Courtney Smith morning noon and night. Urban Meyer was notified of this back in 2009 and did the bare minimum. He was then notified in 2015 that it was still going on and pretty much shrugged.

Zach Smith was JUST fired recently after his wife filed for a restraining order and in a press conference Urban Meyer claimed he wasn’t aware what was going on. Courtney Smith revealed texts that she sent to Urban’s wife about Zach Smith beating her face off so it’s quite clear that Urban Meyer knew the entire time, did nothing and lied about it.

3 game suspension. Makes sense.


Jim Tressel, who guided Ohio State to its first national title in 34 years, resigned Monday amid NCAA violations from a tattoo-parlor scandal that sullied the image of one of the country’s top football programs.



That’s from an ESPN report in 2011 about Jim Tressel having to resign as Ohio State head coach because he knowingly allowed players to receive DISCOUNTED TATTOOS at the local tattoo parlor. Did you read the words in that above paragraph? Jim Tressel SULLIED THE IMAGE of the football program by allowing Terrelle Pryor to get cheap tats. And they ran his ass out of town.

Urban Meyer let his assistant beat his wife silly for a decade and gets a 3 week paid vacation in early September. Are we all cool with this?


Oh, let’s not forget the time that Urban Meyer suspended a quarterback for a game because he tweeted that classes are pointless. Ah yes, Urban is all about making sure these kids get a good education. That’s his number one priority. He’s so focused on making sure these kids get their diploma that he doesn’t have time to handle Zach Smith showing up to practice with his wife’s blood on his knuckles.

Fuck Urban Meyer.

Ohio State wanted to make it extremely clear to the world that winning football games is far more important to them than the safety of women. You could spend an hour beating a girl like Captain America training on a punching bag but if Urban Meyer gives you the co-sign then you’re good. There are consequences to any of your actions.

And the absolute worst part about this whole situation is Urban Meyer and Ohio State refusing to even acknowledge Courtney Smith, the woman who is the victim of this entire ordeal.

Urban Meyer didn’t mention her name once throughout the press conference. The entire discussion was about the football ramifications of his suspension. When a reporter directly asked him about Courtney Smith, it was not only the first time her name was mentioned but Urban stiff-armed her completely and made it about how awful it is for ‘everyone’.


We should all be burning Ohio State University to the ground right now.



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