Update: Jared Goff is the Best Quarterback in the NFL

Last week I wrote that Baker Mayfield was the best quarterback in the NFL and they may have been a bit premature after seeing Jared Goff in his bag on Thursday night dropping dime after dime on the Minnesota Vikings’s heads all game long.

Jared Goff completed 26 passes and had 5 touchdowns. So about 20% of the time, when the ball left his hands it was landing in the end zone. It was like watching a video but with the Minnesota Vikings being controlled by your little brother who is too young to understand how the Xbox controller works so he’s just getting burned on every single play.

My man had a perfect passer rating and 465 yards and have I mentioned he tossed 5 touchdowns as well? The Rams are currently the best offense in football and have scored over 30 points in all 4 of their games thus far.

With 1,406 yards on the season to go with 11 TD’s and only 2 interceptions, I dare you to name a quarterback that’s better.

Everyone wants to give Jared Goff’s credit to Sean McVay like McVay is out there in pads pass protecting for Goff or he’s controlling his mind from the sideline with very advanced technology. You know, that same technology that Elon Musk used to get a date with Grimes.

Every great quarterback has a great coach in their ear developing great offensive schemes and putting their QB in the best position to succeed. All McVay is doing is calling plays. It’s up to Goff to make the correct decisions.

Wait, I’m confused.

Did Sean McVay throw that BOMB to Brandin Cooks or was that Jared Goff. Oh, it was Goff? So then let’s retire this nonsense that McVay deserves 100% of the credit. The Rams traded up for the No. 1 overall pick to draft Goff for a reason. He can make all the throws. He can move in the pocket. He’s learned how to make adjustments at the line of scrimmage.

Just hand Jared Goff the MVP Award now.


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