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7 Unwritten Codes For The Gym

7 Unwritten Codes For The Gym

There is certain protocol that goes along with being a regular gym-goer. There are some everyday social norms that for whatever reason get ignored once people step through that threshold. Our lizard brains take over and suddenly we’re all behaving like neanderthals.

Unfortunately, you are not handed a guidebook when you walk through the door but allow me to lead you to the promised land. Here are 7 unwritten gym codes to keep you from looking like a total asshole while lifting weights. Walk with me.

1. Eye Contact

Eye contact at the gym is easily the most awkward thing you’ll experience on a daily basis. While you’re struggling to lift something, you just happen to look up into the mirror and BAM!. Someone across the gym is looking directly at you, through that same mirror.

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It’s like when you’re eating at a cafeteria and you happen to look up mid-bite and someone across the room is just staring at you. Unless you’re working out with people you know, just don’t look anyone in the eyes.[1. and even then, don’t even look your friends in the eyes] Problem solved. In the realm of unwritten gym codes, I will admit this one drives me the craziest.

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We’re all watching you..


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