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Unleash Emma Meesseman

All Hail our new Belgian Queen

2019 was a wacky season for the WNBA and there is no bigger indicator of that than the 6-foot-4 Belgian giantess, Emma Meesseman, sending the Las Vegas Aces home in Game 4 of the semis.

After only scoring 20+ points twice in the regular season, Meesseman decided it was time to show the world what she was capable of by scoring 20+ in 3 of the 4 games against Vegas.

In Game 4, Meesseeman dropped 22 points in 25 minutes. Light work.

What makes Meesseeman able to shine is Washington’s modern playing style. They play positionless basketball as they often have her, Elena Delle Donne and Latoya Sanders all on the floor at the same time. They essentially throw out three versatile power forwards on the floor at once.

They also live on the perimeter. In a year where shooting league-wide has dipped significantly, the Mystics shot 36% on 25 attempts per game. For context, the Aces also shot 36%….but with only 15 attempts per game. Cowards.

Emma Meesseman shot 42% from behind the arc.

Not only can she fade to the arc as Kristi Tolliver or Natasha Cloud drive to the basket as she sits on the perimeter waiting to catch and shoot but she’s a quicker ballhandler than the women her size are capable of defending so she easily gets by defenders with smooth pump fakes and drives to the rim.

It is truly unfair to have Meesseman out there with Elena Delle Donne, the clear MVP of the league.

For anyone that loves the NBA, you have to appreciate what Meesseman is doing for Washington. She represents everything that makes the modern NBA so special.

She can play any position on the floor. She can shoot from anywhere. She’s from a country in Europe that we don’t know nearly as much about as we should.

Las Vegas has the biggest team in the league with Liz Cambage and A’Ja Wilson destroying little girls across the league and Meesseman ate their lunch.

It’s also worth noting that homegirl is only 26. This is her coming out party. We are seeing a role player become a star right before our eyes and we’re about to see Meesseman unleashed against the Connecticut Suns in the WNBA Finals.



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