Unity is Bullshit

The NFL and the NFL owners are beating their chests after locking arms during the National Anthem and really shaking their fists at President Trump after he called for the firing on NFL players who took knees during the anthem and called them ‘SOB’s’.

Everyone is applauding and congratulating Dallas Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones for handling this situation ‘perfectly’. He had the entire team take a knee arm-in-arm BEFORE the National Anthem. What a genius.

NFL teams really rallied together. Finally, the rich owners who donated millions to make sure Donald Trump was elected and the players who are racially profiled daily showed ‘unity’ in the face of adversity.

But Unity is bullshit.

The idea of unity is cute or whatever but when it comes to actual issues, it’s nonsense. When people use the narrative ‘stop dividing us, we should be coming together’ what they’re really saying is either ‘the differences between us don’t really matter so let’s forget this whole debate’ or ‘shut up, your opinions don’t matter’.

In theory, of course it’s better that we are all a unified front. But this is real life and unity isn’t that simple. It’s not as easy as characters in a movie putting their differences aside to fight the scary monster that’s terrorizing the town. The Yellow Power Ranger is struggling with her sexuality and the Blue Power Ranger has autism but those issues must be shelved because Angel Grove, California is being wrecked by Rita Repulsa.

But when we’re dealing with actual social change such as police brutality and racial injustice, calling for unity is the equivalent of saying ‘Ugh, stop talking about how hard it is to be black already, we GET IT’.

Unity isn’t the solution to a problem, it’s the end result. Unity is the finished product. How do we solve police brutality?

First, people such as Colin Kaepernick who have an audience and all eyes on them, most draw attention to the issue with some sort of public protest. Perhaps kneeling during the Anthem.

Then people have to acknowledge that police brutality is a real issue and not make the protest about supporting the troops or whatever.

Then once we acknowledge police brutality as a problem we must work to prevent it in the future by training police officers to better handle those situations and infusing them into communities so that they’re no longer considered a threat or opposition to our everyday lives but more of a helpful assistant and tool to keep us safe.

THEN, we become unified as a result of solving the problem.

Locking arms before the National Anthem to show ‘unity’ as a league and defiance against Donald Trump does nothing to solve the original purpose of Kaepernick taking a knee. It’s all an intentional misdirection from the original cause. Sure, let’s believe that NFL players and owners and suddenly unified. Cool. Is police brutality and racial injustice fixed or even addressed in any way? No?

So then yea, Unity is Bullshit.



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