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The Guy Who Was Dragged Off Of The United Airlines Flight Has a Concussion, Broken Nose and Lost Teeth

Wow, they realllyyyy beat the shit out of this guy, huh? This is what happens when you hire cops who dropped out of college with just enough credits to make them illegible to take a police exam that you have to be illiterate to fail and you give them the authority to beat up anyone who resists slightly.

David Dao, the doctor who was beaten into submission, now has a concussion, broken nose oh, and he lost a couple of teeth. No big deal. One second he thought he was taking a flight home and the next second he’s getting jumped out of his window seat and dragged off the tarmac.

Sooo United Airlines is definitely not going to exist by the end of the week, right? I mean, David Dao’s teeth are still rattling along the floor of that plane now so that’s not a greaaaat look for them.



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