united airlines drags passenger

United Airlines Overbooked a Flight So Naturally They Dragged a Motherfucker Off of the Plane

A man traveling on United Airlines flight 3411 from Chicago to Louisville was removed by force when the flight was oversold Sunday night.

Video of the incident showing an Asian man claiming to be a doctor is making the rounds on social media after he was physically removed from a recent flight.

According to reports, the Chicago to Louisville flight was oversold and several passengers were chosen at random to be bumped from the flight, including the man and his wife.

Passenger Jayse Anspach tweeted video of the incident that took place Sunday night.

Anspach said that security pulled the doctor from his chair after he refused to leave the plane.

“The doctor needed to work at the hospital the next day, so he refused to ‘volunteer,’ United decided to use force on doctor” said Anspach.



Before we jump all over United Airlines back, let’s take a step back. I know that they’re already on the hot seat because a couple of weeks ago they didn’t let a woman wearing leggings onto their plane. I had their back then and I have their back now.

Look, I totally get the outrage of having to pay for the airline’s mistake. They accidentally overbooked a flight and unfortunately you have to pay for it. Shit sucks. But how selfish do you have to be to force security to drag your ass out?

There are other people on that plane trying to depart. They really don’t have time for your dramatic Kent State civil protest. You’re not making some grand statement. If I truly didn’t want to leave that plane and those security guards came at me, they’d have to knock me out to get me off the plane. I’m not being dragged as everyone and their mothers record my dull body sliding against the dirtiest floor ever.

I just hope that flight didn’t need a doctor while they were in the air. Really would’ve been egg on their face.



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