Understanding The Internet’s Obsession With Liv Cowherd

Colin Cowherd is a hot take artist for Fox Sports 1 whose entire role is to sit in a hilariously large desk in a gigantic studio that looks like an empty warehouse he snuck into and shouts contrary sports opinions for 3 hours a day that is sometimes interrupted by his busty cohost who tells Colin news stories that he already knows as he pretends he’s hearing it for the first time.

Throughout his three hour tv/radio simulcast, he’ll bring in former athletes that are desperate to join the media so they ride with his stupid takes as to also come off as ‘different’ and unique when in actuality, all of their points can easily be disproven and argued against but Colin doesn’t want to be corrected. He wants to be told how smart he is so all of his guests just nod and agree with him for TV time.

Not sure why people enjoy a show where an old man just plays devil’s advocate about every sports story no matter how clearly incorrect he is.

Needless to say, I’m not the biggest fan of his work.

So it’s odd that every time I open up Twitter, I see @liv_cowherd quote tweeting an internet creep that’s in her mentions hitting on her.

Liv Cowherd appears to be college aged and the kids hitting on her appear to also be in their early 20’s if not younger so it’s not like, predator level creepy but it’s still odd to see this pretty generic looking girl get harassed online all day.

Was that mean? She’s decent looking or whatever. I mean, we all collectively got a boner staring at Salma Hayek on the Golden Globes red carpet so I apologize for being confused when I see Liv fucking Cowherd getting the same level of attention.

I won’t be naive and pretend like I can’t wrap my head around what’s going on here. There is a famous man who is super lame and made fun of on a daily basis who happens to not only have a daughter that’s old enough to pretend to want to hump but a daughter who is active enough online to get a reaction from.

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Mike Francesa doesn’t have a daughter we can pretend to have a crush on. He just has a cartoonly-sized cranium and absolutely nothing interesting to say anymore.

Skip Bayless just has his weird wife Ernestine who seems as if is only married to him in some old school marriage arrangement to combine kingdoms and procure more land for the Bayless’s.

Part of the Liv Cowherd craze is the hope that Colin is both aware of the attention his daughter gets and that it annoys him.

Colin is a millionaire out in Cali that works like, 4 hours a day and spends the rest of his time boozing it up with USC boosters and low level movie producers while sports games that he’s not watching but will have strong opinions about the next day, play in the background on mute.

I get the feeling Colin isn’t even responding to his family’s text so he’s certainly not paying attention to their social media presence. The only time he logs onto Twitter is to mock Baker Mayfield. Same.

But shout out to Liv Cowherd for handling the attention so well. Recently she got into an exchange with Barry McCockiner, the lamest sports Twitter account on planet Earth and she completely dunked on him. That was the worst sentence I’ve ever written. I hate Twitter.

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