Undefeated UCF Has Declared Themselves National Champions Therefore They Are National Champions

UCF AD Danny White told Dan Le Batard that a parade is in the works, and also told an Orlando radio station that he wanted to hang a banner. Puffing your chest out is one thing; actually paying your coaching staff bonuses for winning the national championship is another. Scott Frost and his staff are headed to Nebraska next season, but they’ll get to head off with a little extra cash, as White first announced.



UCF ran the table this season. They went 13-0 but because they don’t play in a Power 5 conference, they completely disregarded when it came time to put together the playoffs and weren’t even considered an option to play against the likes of Georgia, Alabama and Oklahoma.

But according to UCF, they won the National Title and I’m going to back up that report. Even if they didn’t win every single game, I would still support them declaring themselves National Champions. You have to respect the finesse. Fake it til you make it.

Plus, I’m riding with my guy Scott Frost to the end of the world. He is the new Nebraska head coach aka the man who is going to lead my Cornhuskers to the throne. I can’t watch Nebraska get embarrassed every single time they play against a ranked team.

Save us, Scott Frost.


I’m copping some UCF gear and wearing it proudly to support MY National Champions. Walk with me.



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