UNC Head Coach Larry Fedora Says There Is No Link Between Football and CTE.. Oh, and If You Change Football Then America Will End

What Happened?


Larry Fedora, whose name sounds like an insulting Instagram comment under a photo of a guy taking a selfie with the caption ‘new hat ;)’, has taken to ACC Media Day to casually state that CTE is a lie and America will end if football changes.

It is officially college football season.

College football head coaches live in a world where the only things that exist are cone drills and run-pass options. It’s football 24/7 to the ol’ ball coach. In Larry Fedora’s mind, America IS football and if you reduce weekly practices or try to take away any of the contact, you’re ruining football thus ruining this country.

The math adds up.

It’s safe to say that football causes CTE. Yes, the research is relatively early but yea, CTE is the product of nonstop football collisions. But again, all Fedora cares about is recruiting and trick plays at the goal line. He has no time to read scientific studies.

But here’s the thing about this complete nonsense, it’s not totallyyyy wrong.

Football shouldn’t change. It is what it is. At this point, players and parents know enough about the side effects of the game and if players choose to pursue the game in college and into the NFL then they know and accept the risks.

I don’t want to watch football where everyone is encased in glass or they remove tackling from the sport. Let these guys murder each other. And let the smart athletes play basketball or baseball.

Team Fedora.






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