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UMass Head Coach Suspended After Saying That The Refs ‘Raped Us’

What Happened?

Massachusetts suspended football coach Mark Whipple for one game Sunday after he said one of his players had been “raped” while complaining about the officiating Saturday in a loss to Ohio.

UMass lost 58-42 at Ohio in Athens. Whipple called the officiating the worst he had experienced in his long career and was asked about a possible pass interference call against one of UMass’ receivers that did not draw a penalty from the Mid-American Conference officiating crew.

“We had a chance there with 16 down and they rape us, and he picks up the flag,” the 61-year-old Whipple told reporters.

(NY Post)


Not a great look for UMass head coach, Mark Whipple, claiming to be raped by the officials after losing a college football game. Pass interference calls happen every day. It’s a part of football. Sometimes it works in your favor, sometimes it goes against you.

Personally, I wouldn’t consider a pass interference as severe as you know, rape, but Mark Whipple is the football guy and I’m just a guy who writes about it and has enough perspective to understand that no one gives a shit about UMass football enough to ever consider a 15-yard penalty to be ‘rape’.

Don’t let this distract you from the fact that UMass is 2-4 on the year and 0-4 in road games. Maybe figure out how to get your team off the bus next away game and spend less time claiming rape. Probably shouldn’t give up 58 points to the Ohio Bobcats.

UMass lost 63-24 to FIU. Don’t fire Mark Whipple because he doesn’t understand the severity of his words. Fire this bum because he has no idea how to coach football.




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