Uh, What The Fuck is Ivanka Trump Doing?

After a few snapshots, Ivanka Trump, along with her husband, Jared Kushner, followed the president into what’s known as the Freedom House—a building on the South Korean side of the zone. That’s when the cameras stopped. The media was reportedly blocked from entering and covering the historic event.

It wasn’t until later that reporters learned Ivanka and Kushner did more than accompany the president into the Freedom House. They were reportedly present at a closed-door meeting between the two leaders, who ended up speaking about one of the most sensitive topics on the planet—North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program. (Source)

Donald Trump brought his daughter, Ivanka, and idiot son-in-law, Jared Kushner, with him to the G-20 Summit in Japan and the DMZ (Korean Demilitarized Zone), two pretty high-level meetings with important world leaders for reasons that no one can seemingly wrap their heads around.

As you can tell from people’s reactions, no one knows what the hell Ivanka Trump is doing even talking to them. Her sole qualification to be in the same room as these world leaders is that her dad narrowly became president.

Your dad didn’t even get the most votes so it’s insane to believe that the American people want you, the president’s daughter, representing the nation.

Nepotism isn’t even a strong enough word to describe what is happening here. This is the behavior of monarchs giving their heirs an opportunity to wield power before they inevitably take the throne.

Here’s what a former Russian ambassador said about Ivanka’s little take-your-daughter-to-work day field trip to the G-20 Summit:

“[Ivanka’s] presence undermines the professional look of the Trump delegation, both to other countries and to national security professionals in the Trump administration,”

Imagine you go to work tomorrow and your boss’s daughter spends the whole week there standing behind you as you try to do your job while chiming in with unwarranted suggestions throughout the course of the day.

I have no idea what in the fuck Ivanka Trump is doing or what exactly she thinks her occupation is but again, you do not automatically become a qualified and deserving politician worthy of meeting with foreign leaders discussing classified information because your dad got enough racists in the midwest to help him game the electoral college.

Please, for the love of god, remove this woman from the room. Every single room. She has no business being anywhere near the White House outside of going on one of the tours they give middle schoolers. She certainly shouldn’t be brushing shoulders and saying a damn word to high-ranking officials of foreign nations.


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