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Uh, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez Ran Someone Over

Liyanage Perera is suing Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez, claiming that they were passengers in an SUV that hit him in a Los Angeles alleyway and caused serious injuries in October 2018, according to TMZ Sports.

The media outlet reported that the couple was leaving a restaurant on Melrose Avenue through an alleyway last October when Perera says he was hit. TMZ Sports also provided video of the alleged incident.

TMZ Sports provided more background information.

“Liyanage admits A-Rod and J Lo were not behind the wheel, but in the suit he claims they failed to instruct their security team to be careful as they pulled away from the restaurant. He also points out they didn’t stop to check on him…or as he puts it…’they quickly fled the scene.'” (BR)

This would typically be a nonstory. Celebrities do celebrity things. Quick hit and run. No big deal. Caitlyn Jenner literally murdered someone in a car accident and faced zero consequences. He was just a little late to wherever he was going. No one batted an eye.

There sole reason this is even being written about right now is that it involves Alex Rodriguez, one of the biggest sociopath’s on planet Earth. His car doesn’t hit a guy and flee the scene accidentally. Everything he does is on purpose.

After reading everything about the way A-Rod handled his steroid investigation, it’s extremely possible that he told the driver to hit that guy and speed off. He was probably laughing like Joaquin Phoenix in his trailer the morning before he first day portraying the Joker just perfecting his evil cackle as a makeup artist applies messy clown makeup on his face.

YOOOOOOOO hahahaha. Look what they did to this man. He looks like Kurt Angle is putting him in an Ankle Lock in the center of the mat at Wrestlemania and he’s trying not to tap out.

A-Rod and J-Lo really skirted off with this guy’s shins under their tires? Sure, they weren’t behind the wheel but again, A-Rod is a psycho. Let us not forget that one day he whipped out his little weird dick and pissed all over his cousin’s floor to like, intimidate and emasculate him or some shit.

This is a grown adult human man who tried to mark his territory like a dog. He probably went home after running this guy over and made Jennifer Lopez cum for the very first time.

Jennifer Lopez is from the Bronx so hit and runs are just a way of life. As long as there aren’t limbs dragging behind the car, you’re good.

Everyone, just, uh, keep an eye out for these two. This doesn’t seem like the first time they’ve committed a crime together and this certainly won’t be their last.

Stay safe out there.

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