Uber Passenger Upset That His Driver Was Getting Blown By a Prostitute in Front Seat

An Uber passenger was subject to the most uncomfortable ride of his life where his driver seemingly received oral sex from a prostitute, and the company attempted to apologize by offering him a mere $10 credit.

Aner Manuel claims he was stuck in an Uber for two miles while an intoxicated prostitute groped and performed oral sex on the driver.

The horrified customer posted footage of the ‘most dangerous and inappropriate ride ever’ on social media after the incident in Chicago around 3am on July 17.

In the clip, a woman is seen kissing the driver and then lowering her head into his lap, while mood music plays over the stereo.

After the ride-hailing service allegedly offered him a $10 credit, Manuel posted the video online to prompt Uber to appropriately respond to the complaint.

(Daily Mail)


Aner Manuel is a jealous snitch. His Uber driver was out here getting that sweet delicious road head while making that cash and Aner’s bitch ass is whistleblowing. I’m pissed he even got a $10 credit. He should be banned from the app.

If anything, this Uber driver is a hero. He saved this drunk hooker from drinking and driving and probably doing some illegal act with a gentleman caller. Instead, she was driven home safely and taken off the streets where she can perform fellatio on someone who actually cares about her wellbeing.

This is every Uber’s drivers dream. This is why you take the job in the first place. It’s to make money while you get road head from a professional. Round of applause to this driver for inspiring thousands of new drivers to throw that Uber sticker on their windshield and join the squad.




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