Tyrod Taylor is Still Good Enough To Be A Starting Quarterback in the NFL

Tyrod Taylor has been benched for Baker Mayfield in Cleveland after being promised that he’d be the QB1 for the entire season while Mayfield patiently waits behind him for a season. Then Taylor suffered a mini concussion on Thursday Night Football against the New York Jets and lost his starting role.

To be clear, he should have lost his job.

Baker Mayfield’s ceiling is astronomically higher than Taylor’s. We know what Taylor is. He is a mobile QB that can escape a pass rush and he also is highly efficient and does not turn the ball over. His touchdown to interception ratio is historic.

This season, however, he was trash. He had a 1-1-1 record and only completed 48.8% of his passes which was a career low. He also threw 2 interceptions to only 2 touchdowns and he fumbled 3 times. Tyrod Taylor sucked.

But I don’t want to sit here and pretend like that suddenly makes him a backup quarterback considering that just last season he led the Buffalo Bills to the postseason in spite of Nathan Peterman’s best efforts to derail that playoff run.

Tyrod Taylor made the All-Star team in 2015.

Here’s what Tyrod said recently about his role as a backup:

“It’s frustrating, but it’s a part of the game at the same time. Eight years in, you understand some things happen that you can’t control. Not wanting to complain, just got to continue to keep being myself day in and day out. Continue to be a leader and help the team in any way.”


Cleveland belongs to Baker Mayfield now and that’s totally fine but no one on planet Earth can tell me that Tyrod Taylor isn’t better than Case Keenum.

We all know Blake Bortles is garbage, right? Like, we’re done pretending that Bortles has this next gear that doesn’t exist? CJ Beathard? Are we serious?

I mean shit, send Tyrod Taylor back to the Bills. As I write this, Nathan Peterman is in practice throwing interceptions to 3rd string linebackers. Colin Kaepernick has thrown a pass more recently than Derek Anderson and Derek Anderson is starting this Sunday. This is madness.

But Tyrod Taylor should be starting games in the NFL. I love you Eli Manning but you should be Tyrod’s back up.





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