Two X-Men Spin-Off Shows Are Coming to Fox

The X-Men animated series from the 90’s raised me. Cyclops was the father that taught me right from wrong. Jean Gray was the mother that died every other season and came back to life the next. Wolverine was the uncle that offered me my first beer. Beast was the other uncle who bought me books I’d never read. Point is, Fox is bringing X-Men back to television and I’m pumped.


The first series is Legion, which received a pilot order by FX Networks (owned by Fox). It’ll follow the trials and tribulations of a possibly super-powered young man named David Haller, who, in Marvel’s comics tales, is the ultra-powerful son of Professor X. In the show, he’s apparently been diagnosed as a schizophrenic, but “after a strange encounter with a fellow patient, he’s confronted with the possibility that the voices he hears and the visions he sees might be real.” (No word on his parentage.)

The second series is in development, but its working title is Hellfire. It “follows a young Special Agent who learns that a power-hungry woman with extraordinary abilities is working with a clandestine society of millionaires – known as the “Hellfire Club,” according to a press release from Fox. In the comics universe, the Hellfire Club is a sinister secret society ruled by rich and conspiratorial mutants, most notably telepath Emma Frost. It’s worth noting that we saw a 1960s version of the Hellfire Club in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. No word on whether this one will have anything to do with that one — or, for that matter, whether either of these shows will exist in a shared universe with the X-Men movies.



Andddd nevermind. I don’t care at all. Legion sounds boring as shit. X-Men is great because it’s a team of very distinct and separate personalities all with unique powers. I do not want to see a series about a solo character that doesn’t matter at all. No thanks.


Hellfire Club is a good part of the X-Men universe but I really do not care at all of their day-to-day operations. Unless they cast a super hot Emma Frost in which case I’ll probably tune into the premiere in the very least. January Jones was great in X-Men: First Class or whatever but I think Fox can find bustier.


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