Two Sisters Get Into Fist Fight At a Strip Club Because One Sister Was Dancing ‘Too Sexy’

Here’s the thing about having a sister that strips: you either have to be all the way in or all the way out. There’s no half steppin when it comes to supporting your sister’s striping aspirations. Well 28-year old, Deanna Miller, went to watch her sister perform but quickly realized she was not feeling it at all.

[su_quote cite=”Mass Live” url=””]After watching her younger sister dance at the Center Stage strip club last week, Deanna Miller had one comment.

“I am going to beat your (expletive) ass if you dance like that again,” Miller, 28, of Springfield, told her 26-year-old sibling at closing time outside the Dwight Street club.

The sisters began arguing and then trading punches. Police separated them, but Miller made several attempts to resume the hostilities, according to the arrest report.[/su_quote]

Sometimes sibling rivalries last forever. You have the younger sister that’s hot and you’re not. It happens. That all comes to a head when that hotter younger sister is stripping right before your eyes. When guys are making it ran on baby sis while in the back of your mind you know that if you were on that same stage, all of the men would be outside smoking cigarettes, it can be a little maddening.

Peace to her little sister though. One day I want to be so good at something that it makes people want to physically hurt me. That should be the goal of everyone at their profession. We should be inspired by this talented young stripper. Envious of her execution. I’ll Deadseriousness is big when family member want to murder me.


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