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Two Green Lanterns Will Appear in Justice League Movie

The Wrap‘s Umberto Gonzalez stated in a recent Periscope session that the Green Lanterns will have a bigger role than previously believed. While previous rumors (from Umberto in fact) said a Green Lantern would be included, Gonzalez said that now “there will be two Green Lanterns” in the movie. He said this information came from sources who read Whedon’s script and could still be cut before the film hits theaters, so take this with a grain of salt.

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Green Lantern is an essential member of the Justice League and it’s wild that none of the mythos of the character has even been alluded to in any of the prior DC movies. Can’t imagine anyone in the world begging for a Cyborg solo project but I’m sure we’ll be getting one before they decide to cast a Hal Jordan.

This really makes you question what Zack Snyder was even doing with this movie. Joss Whedon is coming in and making the movie that we all want and repairing all of Snyder’s leaks. If only we had a time machine to have Whedon make Man of Steel and not make Batman V. Superman but nope, Snyder’s shitty fingerprints will forever be all over this movie universe.

Inject Green Lanterns directly into my veins and let me enjoy comic book fun. Stop trying to make it realistic or gritty or whatever. Just give me bright colors and rings that turn into gigantic green boxing gloves. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.




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