Turns Out Meyers Leonard, The Player We All Thought Was Racist, Is Actually Racist

Meyers Leonard is an NBA player who has averaged 5.6 points and 3.9 rebounds a game in his career. His entire career hangs on the thread of him being an ‘athletic’ 7-footer who has some version of a jump shot but will absolutely get benched if he ever takes a jumpshot.

Oh, he’s also a racist.


Okay, let’s really get into this because ‘Meyers Leonard says antisemitic slur during live stream’ isn’t enough of an analysis.

Leonard was live-streaming a game of Call of Duty with a buddy. Not sure how big of an audience an NBA 12th man has but he’s been in playoff games with Miami and Portland. He’s not completely unknown. Whatever. There are certainly too many people watching his stream to just be shouting slurs, one could assume.

He gets frustrated at a sniper and loses his temper instantly before taking the most pregnant of pauses before shouting one of the most aggressive slurs in the book. A word that only true Jew haters would ever utter. He takes a break before reaching into his soul and shouting that word.

Now, when I wore a younger man’s clothes many moons ago, yelling after an untimely Call of Duty death was standard procedure. Typically you shout ‘fuck’ or ‘shit’. Never once did I or anyone I was playing with ever get killed in the game and call anyone a wop or whatever.

Also disheartening that his buddy laughed afterward. When NASCAR driver, Kyle Larsen, shouted the n-word in a virtual race last year, at least his team immediately got serious and told him that he fucked up. Meanwhile, Leonard’s boy was like ‘lol yassss fuck them Jews’.

Imagine your friend just yelling that word randomly and your reaction is anything other than straight confusion. These two Nazis definitely say that word frequently. No thoughts about being a professional basketball player on a live stream. Nope. No self-awareness just antisemitic vibes.

Oh, and here’s him finding out in real-time that he ruined his career and deciding to lie and say his wife needs him.


But before we even think about giving this loser an ounce of sympathy, we must remember that when everyone on the Miami Heat knelt during the National Anthem following the murders of George Floyd and Jacob Blake, Meyers Leonard stood on his tip toes in defiance.

All of your black coworkers explained to you how they feel about the National Anthem, police brutality and their racial identities in totality and Meyers Leonard was like ‘I hear you. My brother was in the military though so none of what you’re saying matters to me. Me me me me me’.

So to recap, Meyers Leonard doesn’t care about black people or Jews. Have fun going out in Miami this weekend.


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