tuesday music mania

Tuesday Music Mania

Tuesday music mania is a brand new weekly segment here at Deadseriousness in which I will provide a sick playlist of jams for you to help guide you through this week. If you’re an alliteration fan then I’m sure you’d be foolish enough to believe that this playlist should be called ‘Monday’ Music Mania however if you’re an actual Deadseriousness fan then you know I’m not responsible enough on football Sunday to prepare a playlist for you on time each Monday so I’m doing the next best thing. Thank me later.

But without any more pointless exposition, here is TMM1:

Danny Brown bringing that new fire emoji with Ab-Soul, K-Dot and Earl Sweatshirt. This Danny Brown album is going to be must-listen. Expect to see more Danny Brown every week. Let’s label this uh, new track of the week (?). Also, posse cut of the week.

In honor of Colin Kaepernick still sitting during the National Anthem, here is a solid ‘fuck the police’ jam to get you in the mood to maybe not go as far as take a knee but perhaps raise a fist in solidarity.

This week’s throwback Tuesday goes out to Clipse and Fab on ‘Comedy Central’ in honor of Deadseriousness being the funniest website that I’ve ever had to convince myself is the funniest website. Do you like nonsensical run-on sentences? Well, then you’ve come to the right place.

The ‘hip-hop head’ track of the week goes to Quelle Chris ‘Greene Eyes’, a dope song that I forgot existed until it came on shuffle 3 minutes before typing that it came on shuffle. You are literally sitting in my brain right now.

Time to just vibe out and chill. Let’s end the first ever TMM with a nice relaxing nap tune.

Thanks for reading. Tweet to @TheLesterLee with song suggestions for TMM2. Also, go ahead and throw Deadseriousness a Like on Facebook so that I can keep the lights on around here at HQ.

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