True Life: I Cannot Stop Fracking

There has been a presidential debate and now a debate among vice presidents. Both were widely unnecessary and taught us absolutely nothing new about these candidates but there is one very weird thing that both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have gone out of their way to declare.

Whenever Donald Trump or Mike Pence attempt to label Joe or Kamala as progressive for supporting the Green New Deal, a program that would directly take on the climate change crisis in this country, the Democratic nominees rush to say that they not only have nothing to do with the Green New Deal but they are 1000% down to continue destroying the environment.

They claim to want to invest in renewable energy and preserving the environment but they are dead set on letting everyone know they are not touching fracking.

Kamala Harris’s most serious moment of the debate was looking directly into the camera and saying Joe Biden will not ban fracking like a Batman villain threatening to burn Gotham City to the ground if Batman doesn’t reveal his secret identity by midnight. Straight up looked like there was a red dot on her forehead with a sniper rifle in the back of the studio making sure she said fracking was good.

Let’s take a step back and talk about fracking and why it’s literally the worst thing ever.

Methane emissions that occur during fracking are directly responsible for global warming as methane leaks heat up the planet 80 TIMES as much as carbon dioxide does. Methane is also responsible for respiratory problems such as asthma which is super cool when combined with a pandemic that also attacks your respiratory system so yes, please keep arguing about face masks or whatever.

What’s incredibly infuriating about the Dem’s desperate addiction to fracking and their need to shit on the Green New Deal is that they are completely ignoring the interests of their voters. Pennsylvania is a major fracking location and polls show a majority of Pennsylvania voters want to ban fracking.

But the Democratic party is so focused on trying to win conservative voters that they are completely disregarding the wants of their own supporters. By moving more towards the right, you are not gaining new voters. You are losing them. There is going to be a younger Bernie Sanders that’s going to offer people what they actually want, ya know like healthcare, and the Democratic party is going to be totally blindsided and shocked that they lost to him or her.

It is insane to say you believe science in one breath and then say you will not ban fracking in the next.

California is literally on fire. Flint Michigan doesn’t have clean water. Climate change has caused extreme heat and record levels of snowfall in the winter. We are so close to The Day After Tomorrow and Kamala is looking into the camera telling us that the Democratic party will do absolutely nothing to change anything and they will just be maintaining the status quo sooooo vote for them.

Whatever. Off to go fracking again. Just cannot stop fracking.


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