True Detective Season 3 is Coming

After being off-the-air for two years — and following and plenty of speculation about its future — HBO’s True Detective is making some progress behind the scenes toward a new season.

EW has exclusively learned that creator Nic Pizzolatto has penned at least the first two episodes for a potential third edition of the acclaimed anthology crime drama.

We have also learned that Emmy-winning writer-producer David Milch — the mind behind dramas such as Deadwood and NYPD Blue — is coming on board to work with Pizzolatto.

(Entertainment Weekly)


True Detective might be up there as one of the greatest shows ever made. Watching Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson unravel the mystery of the Yellow King over the course of 17 years was an amazing journey. Rust Cohle is an all-time great TV character.

I know group think wants you to believe that the second season of True Detective was garbage but I genuinely enjoyed it. I thought Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams acted their asses off. Colin Farrell didn’t suck that much. Vince Vaughn was weird as fuck but that’s to be expected.

I’m hyped for a potential third season. I’m excited to see which movie stars they can wrangle up. Hopefully there isn’t a weird sex club/real estate storyline for season 3. Never again.





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