True Detective Episode 7: These Are The Worst Cops of All Time

As we come down the home stretch of season 3, we had a lot of information just thrown in our face from both the 90s timeline and 2015 timeline and although the answer to the mystery was pretty much already told to us, I still have some questions as we approach the season finale next week.

So we were basically told what happened to Will and Julie Purcell that night. Isabel Hoyt, the heiress of the Hoyt family chicken fortune, lost her husband and daughter in an accident so she and the one-eyed black man whose job it was to tend to her in her seclusion in the basement of the Hoyt family castle (probably living in that pink room), kidnapped Julie Purcell.

Harris James pinned the murder and kidnapping on Woodard by planting evidence at his house and he went to Las Vegas to kill Lucy Purcell, who I should also mention sold her daughter to the Hoyt family for what I can imagine cannot be enough money for your fucking daughter but she has not appeared to be a woman who makes the best decisions.

Everything was spelled out to us but there are still some loose threads. In episode 7 they included a new timeline, that no one asked for, that seemed to be around the mid 2000’s when detective Hays’s daughter would be going to college.

It’s only about a decade from the 2015 timeline and Hays seems to be as sharp as ever so what if that’s actually the last time he sees his daughter?

Mirroring Isabel Hoyt’s accident, it’s very possible that Hays gets into a car crash that damages his brain and kills his daughter which explains why she’s not around in 2015 and why his son gets so pissed that he forgets what happened to her.

I also want to throw out another theory because again, there’s an hour of this show left and we already know exactly what happened in 1980.

We’ve been led to believe that Elisa is just doing like, a wack ass Netflix documentary about pedophile rings and Yellow Kings or whatever.

But in this last episode we find out that she already has all the evidence. She has all the witnesses. She has the answers to all of the questions that she’s asking Hays which makes their conversations start to seem less like an interview and more like an interogation.

Remember, Hays and Roland West killed a man. They had that huge shootout with Woodard. They basically led to the death of Tom Purcell. It wouldn’t totally shock me if Elisa wasn’t some woman hosting a Serial podcast but someone who worked for like, the FBI, who is actually trying to arrest these men for their participation in all of the madness years ago.

*temple tap* think about it.

Also, shout out to that old housekeeper who just happened to still be around chillin in 2015 with all of the extra info we were missing out on. She just happened to know that Isabel Hoyt rode around town with Watts aka Mr June aka THE ONLY BLACK GUY IN ARKANSAS WITH ONE EYE. How conveineint.

And before we get to the finish line, I still don’t trust Amelia. I’m going to be disappointed as hell if she’s just like, an ambitious writer this whole time. Oh no, I’m definitely going to be disappointed. [insert photo of me shirtless in my backyard throwing all of my True Detective theories into an oil drum fire].



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