True Detective Episode 6: Ha, Gaaay

The hell? Julie??

There were two massive reveals in this week’s episode of True Detective. Well, I suppose there was one massive reveal and one intimate detail about one character’s personal life but let’s start with the most important reveal.

Amelia is an asshole.

Okay, that’s not the big reveal I was talking about but back in the 1990 timeline when Amelia is giving a reading of her new book in town, the black man with one eye stormed in to yell at her for taking advantage of the death of a child.

Wayne Hays has been pointing this out for a couple of episodes now but I’m glad it’s finally being said from a different character. Amelia is borderline obsessed with the details of this case just so that she can sell copies of a book that I can’t imagine to be well written.

She is an ambulance chasing asshole. Also it wouldn’t shock me if she somehow participated in the murders even though like, she obviously didn’t but like, I’m ready to throw that theory out there because if I’m right I get to victory lap all over the internet and if I’m wrong, I delete this paragraph in the dead of the night. It’s like it was never even there. Like Amelia and all of her past lives out west.

But no, I guess the big reveal is that Hoyt is responsible for everything and Lucy Purcell potentially sold her daughter Julie to a powerful pedophilia ring that Harris James, the man who planted Will Purcell’s bookbag in Woodard’s home, is responsible for protecting as Tom Purcell stumbles in there in the middle of the night and finds the legendary ‘pink room’.

Sooo, Tom is for sure dead, right?

It’s a real shame after we just found out that he’s megaaaa gay and definitely banging detective Roland West as the two of them became super close after the original 1980 case and in 2015, West was never married and just lived alone with a bunch of dogs and gay dreams of Tom Purcell’s milk mustache.

But anyway yea, Hoyt did it.

Two more episodes to see how and/or why and if they suffer any sort of consequences. My guess is that Wayne Hays gets confronted by big man Hoyt himself and gets scared off the case as he says to his son in this episode that he used to be a fearless man until he started a family so imagine Hoyt threatened the life of his children and Hays was like ‘got it. Go be old rich perverts. I will get dementia and leave you guys alone’.

Will Wayne Hays’s son, a character whose name I still haven’t even learned yet, continue cheating on his wife with that blonde journalist, whose name I still haven’t even learned yet??? Find out next week on True Detective!



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