True Detective Episode 4: These Hoes Ain’t Loyal

We’ve reached the half way point of True Detective Season 3 and the blurry images are beginning to clear up. The puzzle pieces are starting to connect andddd I have no idea who the hell killed Will Purcell or what happened to Julie Purcell but I do know one thing, the one-eyed black man is innocent.

Oh, you mean to tell me that in the middle of this heavily segregated and racist 1980’s southern town, a black man with one eye just strolled in and played dungeons and dragons with little kids before murdering one and then casually left without it being the only thing that these old white people talked about constantly? The math ain’t mathin on this one. Let my man live.

In the 80’s, Hays and Roland brought young Freddy Burns into custody after finding his fingerprints on Will’s bike.

Freddy breaks down and says that he was there that night but he didn’t kill Will. He just beat him up because he was a nerd and then took his bike. Typical bully shit. Can’t imagine a world where he murdered a younger kid and left him in a religious pose to be found. Nice try, True Detective.

But the biggest revelation from episode 4 is in the 2015 timeline when we find out that Lucy Parcell’s cousin Dan’s remains were found in a quarry after going missing in the 1990 timeline.

If you remember, cousin Dan was crashing on the Purcell couch while the Purcells were having martial issues. We also saw a peephole in Julie Purcell’s closet and if cousin Dan was staying in Will’s room then we might have ourselves a creepy pervert cousin that kidnapped Julie and accidentally killed Will when he tried to defend his sister.

But let’s put a pin in that because my biggest takeaway from episode 4 is that I don’t trust any of these women.

Let’s start with homegirl who made the dolls that were found in the murder scene and attempted to blame the one-eyed black man.

This bitch.

She and the man who owns the huge house right in front of where Will was playing D&D with a stranger are in cahoots. There is some conspiracy going on and all of these religious church-going folk are involved.

What is Lucy Purcell hiding?

In 1990, we learn that Lucy dead five years earlier and an overdose in Las Vegas. In 1980, Lucy seems to have a guilty conscience. When Amelia comes to visit the house and scam her way into info, Lucy cries her eyes out and says she has the soul of a whore, which isn’t a thing that people in real life say but it’s definitely an overdramtic thing people on HBO say.

She also says that ‘children should laugh’ which both implies that she believed her children were unhappy at home and also implies that she believes wherever Julie is now, she’s finally having fun.

Lucy Purcell might have sold her daughter out. Perhaps she also has the soul of a pimp. Same.

But the biggest most untrustworthy siren from this last episode is Amelia.

The fuck is homegirl up to?

Pretty interesting that we know absolutely nothing about her past and every time that Hays tries to break her shell, she changes the subject or turns hyper sexual out of nowhere. What happened when she was living in San Francisco? How many past lives has she had?

Or for someone who we are to believe is attempting to help Hays in his investigation, she seems to be exclusively self-serving and working for her own personal gains. Perhaps she is just a determined career-oriented woman who wants to write a book and capitalize of these local murders.


These. Hoes. Ain’t. Loyal.




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