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Troy Tulowitzki Is About To Be The Worst Player in New York Yankees History

The Toronto Blue Jays cut Troy Tulowitzki this winter because he’s an elderly man with a broken body and no idea how to play baseball anymore. He just missed all of 2018 due to injury. The year prior, he only played in 66 games and hit .249 without making much of an impact on wins and losses.

Brian Cashman ran to scoop him up even though I cannot imagine he was competing with any other team to sign him and although I was skeptical, Tulowitzki started Spring Training strong.

In the first three games of Spring Training, Tulo went 3-for-6 with a double and two homers. However, in his last four games, he’s 0-for-11 with 8 strike outs and it’s become quite clear that Tulowitzki is just participating in New York Yankees fantasy camp where he gets to play some exhibition games against big leaguers but it’s very clear he does not belong on that field with everyone else.

One scout has said “He’s slowing down as we go [with both] bat speed and range.’’ which makes all the sense in the world. I can’t imagine that when the games start to matter and he’s getting at-bats against guys like Chris Sale and Blake Snell, that all of a sudden his bat speed is going to improve. Outside of Barry Bonds, no one’s reflexes get faster as they age.

The good news is that the Yankees also went out and signed one of the best defensive infielders in baseball, DJ LeMahieu and although he too is struggling a bit this Spring Training, having LeMahieu play second base and Gleyber Torres play shortstop will be a defensive clamp the Yankees need until Didi Gregorius returns from Tommy John surgery.

Also, none of this matters because we’re about one week away from Troy Tulowitzki being placed on the disabled list because again, his body is broken and he’s an elderly man.



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