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Troy Tulowitzki Hitting a Home Run in His First At-Bat as a Yankee and Then Screaming at the Toronto Blue Jays Dugout Just Made Me a Fan

Soooo, I may have been a little negative about Troy Tulowitzki in the past. He claimed to be a lifelong Yankees fan and was poised to replace Derek Jeter and instead ending up playing for my least favorite team in professional sports: The Toronto Blue Jays.

Also wasn’t super hyped when the Yankees decided to sign Tulo to play shortstop instead of Manny Machado because here comes a hot take: Manny Machado is better. There, I finally said it.

But now that Tulowitzki is hitting bombs and screaming directly in the Blue Jays faces, I am ordering a Tulo jersey immediately and quietly erasing all of my old tweets slandering him. Deadseriousness is officially a Tulo fan site. Changing my last name to Tulowitzki.

Some people say Spring Training games don’t matter. Those people are like, Marlins fans whose regular seasons don’t matter either. But Spring Training is where I find the players I’m really going to love throughout the year. I know it’s only February but Tulo just had his Yankees moment. He earned his pinstripes.

I agree, Troy. Fuck Toronto.




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